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Feb 4, 2019

Max Shank (@maxshank) has written 3 books and taught over a hundred courses in countries around the world. These experiences have allowed Max to help 10's of Thousands of people across the globe improve their lives through physical fitness. Max has also had the pleasure to operate one of the best gyms in Encinitas, CA called Ambition Athletics, where hundreds of people get better every day.

Max likes to experiment and explore the human condition. He believes that there is so much joy to be had from taking great care of your body and enjoying humans ability to navigate the world in a limitless variety of ways. If you get the wild idea to take up tennis, kickboxing, wakeboarding, or gymnastics in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, Max wants to make sure you can do it-- without the fear of getting injured.


In this episode of The Strong Coach, Mike and Danny talk with Max about how to adopt the craftsman mentality, why humans need challenge to evolve, the power of taking care of the individual to preserve the community,  how to identify noise in your life, and much more.


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Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: How to adopt the craftsman mentality, opportunity cost, and the 5 minute guy

⚡️11-20: The spectrum of sensations, why lack of stimulus is leading the human body to atrophy faster, and Max’s mission in the health industry

⚡️21-30: The impact you can have on your life in one hour, why enthusiasm is critical to the success of your team, and the power of the present moment

⚡️31-40: The importance of having SOP’s for everything you do in business and training

⚡️ 41-50: Why keeping your mind and body sharp is the best way to help the community and how to identify the noise in your life

⚡️51-59: Max’s advice for the new coach



Show notes:


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