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Dec 18, 2018

From Wall Street cold calling to owning a successful gym in NYC with a detour into the nightclub scene along the way, Vincent Miceli’s career trajectory is all over the map and he has got some stories. I caught up with him at Solace to compare notes on gyms as businesses, how to create great programming, and what we would do differently if we could start all over.


Vincent talks about his own weight-loss journey (he lost almost 100 pounds in a year) and how he got into CrossFit (spoiler: it involved flipping a coin). We get real about what we look for in coaches, wonder where the insanely energetic people coaching SoulCycle classes come from, and break down what running a gym really looks like when you get down to the expenses. It’s a little bit of storytelling, a little bit of insight offering, a little bit of knowledge dropping, and a hell of a lot of fun. With Vincent’s “there is no ceiling” mentality, anything is possible—and this episode is proof of that.


Buckle up!

- Ryan



1:00 My gym is bigger than your gym

2:30 Vincent was a 24-year-old millionaire

6:30 Let’s go build some nightclubs

7:15 Crazy cocaine stories

13:30 Murder makes you reevaluate

15:00 You try consuming 30 to 40 drinks every night and see what happens

18:30 90 days to turn a life around

22:30 Coin flips and CrossFit

23:30 Vincent is going to the Games

24:15 Vincent is opening a gym and he's never coached a class

26:00 Is a gym a business or an investment? Two different approaches

27:10 How to make shit happen: be the person with the most passion and the best perspective

28:30 Give the people what they want: different classes for different interests

29:30 The good and the bad about Marcus Filly’s program, and why HIIBB works

31:00 Tendinosis and Active Life

34:00 Programming overlap: how TBB solves the problem—power to the people

35:30 The opex model

36:30 CrossFitters are brats, and the interest is fading

40:00 How do you find high-energy coaches?

42:15 Don’t do the stupid shit—what causes injury

43:00 How hard is making money with a gym, and what makes a coach worth paying?

47:15 Incentivization and why it’s slippery

52:00 Three things that could change, and three things that were great ideas

57:00 “The only major difference is I owned more things”—more money doesn't necessarily mean more happiness


Show notes:


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