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Nov 13, 2018

Eric Bassett is the brain behind EB30X, a 30-minute workout that changes lives. His brick-and-mortar gym is located in Illinois, but he trains people around the country and he won’t turn anyone down no matter what their physical limitations are. Everyone wants to train fit people, but Eric is working hard to bring fitness and health to the people who need it most. The videos of him training with clients (or “teammates,” as he calls them) who have upwards of 100 pounds to lose have gone viral and gained him lots of attention in the fitness world.

I sat down with Eric at the Fit Expo in San Diego to talk about his brand and his experience with building his business. We discuss the similarities and differences in our stories, how we found our callings, and why failure isn’t the worst thing. Turns out, landing in a federal prison camp can be exactly what needs to happen for you to figure out what your purpose in life is—who knew?! Plus, we take some hits at those pyramid scheme-based shake companies, hate on water breaks and Botox, and deal some hard truth about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. This episode is a wild ride, don’t miss it!


- Ryan


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