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Jan 8, 2019

It's hard to remember a time before Instagram, but Dennis (@denheen) and Kelsey (@thedailykelsey) built their online training business the old-fashioned way (through Facebook and email). They took a chance, came up with a catchy name, HIIT Burn (@hiitburn), and the rest is laid out in detail for you in this episode. In their case, big risks and some smart marketing led to big rewards—it's a classic tale of entrepreneurship gone right, and you know that's Real CHALK's brand of protein powder.


Picking a great name, staying true to your brand, ad campaigns, the next big social media platform, and why haters should make you happy—if it's business- or marketing-related, we cover it. We also talk about Kelsey's experience with anorexia and how she's using her journey to recovery to help her clients understand the role that mindset plays in living a healthy lifestyle. In an oversaturated market, it's authenticity that draws people to your brand, and it doesn't get more real than this.


We switch to more lighthearted topics from there, like how brushing your teeth can earn you thousands of dollars, getting ripped like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, and why I've been posting proposal videos on my Instagram (sorry, you'll have to listen to find out the answer to that one 😉). You just never know where this episode will go next—but I know where I'm going, and that's the Bahamas! DM or email me your podcast guest requests!




1:30 🔥 The HIITBurn story

7:45 🔥 The biggest obstacle, and how to overcome it: Don't get stuck on having a perfect business plan

10:00 🔥 Adapt or die—the game is always changing

13:00 🔥 Catering to your audience for better reception

17:00 🔥 Anticipate needs, but test your ideas

20:45 🔥 Kelsey's anorexia story: just a little bit better

25:00 🔥 Implementing personal experience in nutrition programs, and how to avoid triggers

30:00 🔥 Mindset matters, your weight affects your brain, and EDs don't discriminate

34:00 🔥 New obstacles: testing, spreading core message, delegating

35:30 🔥 Let go of the things that don't feel true to yourself or your brand

36:30 🔥 Programming is a struggle. Even when you're awesome at it.

39:30 🔥 Don't start all over, just change the name—marketing strategy is key

41:45 🔥 What's next for HIITBurn?

44:30 🔥 Ad campaigns: actually useful? How do you grow if your audience is tapped?

49:45 🔥 Do it anyway—the videos that do the best are the ones you look the worst in. Don't question it.

51:00 🔥 The principles don't change—why you don't need to chase the next big thing

54:15 🔥 Do what works. Facebook? Email? Instagram? Stick with it.

58:45 🔥 Ryan's prediction: YouTube is going to dominate everything.

1:01:00 🔥 Haters are people too: if your comments aren't 50% hate, you're doing it wrong.

1:05:30 🔥 What do Dennis and Kelsey do for fun?

1:10:30 🔥 Where to find the HIITBurn guys



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