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Jan 22, 2019

Are you ready for this?! It’s a crossover episode—with Mike Bledsoe, the OG host of Barbell Shrugged and the creator of Strong Coach. He's got a lot to say about, well, just about everything—from entrepreneurship strategies to open relationships and what the future of information looks like (spoiler alert: it features brain implants and the ability to communicate feelings). 🧠


Throughout the years Mike’s gained some crazy-valuable insight into the athlete mindset and how to successfully tackle obstacles by identifying what's holding you back from your goals. He explains what drives him (it's definitely not money) and talks about the process of developing Training Camp for the Soul and his newest endeavor, a mindset course for athletes that will be launching soon, so keep an eye out! 💪🏼


Mike has been into podcasts since way before they were cool, so he knows who's got it and who doesn't and what makes content worth producing. He also knows who the Hugh Hefner of podcasting is (did you know there was one? Surprise!) and that you probably shouldn't start your own. But don't turn off this episode yet—Mike still believes the best way to have a positive impact is through business, and there are still plenty of ways to do that. Plus, you wouldn't want to miss the stories we've got about insane DMs, the things gay guys are willing to do to me, and how we're all going to be robots in a few years. 🤖


It's Real CHALK on steroids—without, you know, any actual steroids. There aren't any shortcuts to the turtle shell, sorry fellas! 🐢



1:00 💥 The Barbell Shrugged story

8:30 💥 Don’t start a podcast. Make a YouTube channel.

16:30 💥 The entrepreneurship mentality: your 9-to-5 is a half day

22:00 💥 You lack discipline, and that's why you aren’t gonna look like Ryan Fischer even if you take steroids

24:00 💥 Dating apps. And the most ridiculous DM.

32:00 💥 Short-term and long-term goals for your business, and why collaboration is probably a good idea

42:00 💥 What’s your limit? Where are you setting the ceiling for yourself? How many more people could you be impacting?

44:00 💥 Legacy, self-sabotage, and how to reinvent yourself

50:30 💥 A day in the life of Ryan Fischer

58:45 💥 Two different ways to create change: do to become, or become to do. How do you be the person who does the thing?

1:09:00 💥 Finding a better way forward

1:14:00 💥 A success story, and the difference between information and coaching

1:21:00 💥 New big things! Mindset course for athletes

1:25:00 💥 Where Training Camp came from

1:32:00 💥 From disposable cameras to implantable neuronets (Elon Musk knows some shit), and an uncomfortable question: Are you producing value, or mindlessly consuming?

1:39:45 💥 Levels of labor: physical, technical, creative, interpersonal

1:43:00 💥 How is communication going to change, if we can actually understand someone else’s experience?

1:47:00 💥 Ryan Fischer is not actually a monster

1:53:00 💥 Oh yeah btw listen to Strong Coach #6 first + where to find Mike Bledsoe on the interwebs


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