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Dec 13, 2018

According to our guest this week, leadership coach and mentor, Ken Kilday, the failure of leadership presently lies in the fact that people in influential positions know the words to say, yet aren't capable of putting action behind those words. There tend to be two kinds of leaders that seek Ken's counsel: those that are proactive, seeking to bring their blindspots and shortcomings to the forefront, and those that are reacting to a failed state of leadership and Ken's coaching is a last ditch effort to right the ship.


Part of the definition of leadership is to influence. Another way of putting it is to influence another to do what you want when they otherwise wouldn't.


Ken’s breadth of leadership experience provides him the unique ability to help leaders understand that effecting positive change is the key to overall success. The challenges of navigating ever-changing corporate cultures, bureaucracies, and financial goals provided the catalyst for him to create a business consulting firm based on


The ‘New-Tough Leader’ mentality of success equips leaders with tools to expect the best, lead with compassion, and inspire each individual to their greatest strengths in order to create an environment of success for themselves and their teams.


Dive in with us and listen closely as Ken explains what it means to be a New Tough Leader!


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