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Feb 15, 2017

Performance Anxiety. It's a thing. Even the best athletes in the world fall victim to it. You put in the work, train hard, and hit the numbers you need to hit in order to be a contender. But when game day comes, something shifts. You question your capabilities, or tell yourself "I don't want to mess up or do bad".  

It turns out there is a big difference between saying "I don't want to do bad today" and "I want to perform my best today". That may sound like some feel good nonsense but the truth is, our inner game plays a huge role in how we show up- in competition, in our relationships, and in pretty much all aspects of life.

This week we traveled up to Venice Beach, CA to meet up with Mark England at Paradiso CrossFit. Mark is a language ninja and we dive into how the language we use directly effects how we think and perform. 
Mark has some valuable information to share in this episode and has some real world examples of how we can develop the high level mental toughness (or as he puts it "mental finesse) to perform at our best. 
We are excited to be offering something special for Shrugged fans in this episode. Mark runs a company called Procabulary. Whether you’re looking to build better relationships, achieve your peak performance goals, or establish a strong financial future, Procabulary provides the tools that support and empower you. The whole Shrugged team has gone through the course, and we have seen amazing results and highly recommend you consider investing in Mark's knowledge. 
Use the Promo Code: "BARBELL" at check out to get $100 off the "Core Language Upgrade" Course