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Dec 11, 2018



What do nutrition trends, ex-girlfriend stories, and family gossip have in common? They all get air time on this long-awaited episode featuring my mom, the one and only Kim Karecky. She’s been my biggest supporter through all my endeavors, and she’s here to talk about how the definition of “healthy” has changed in her lifetime and what she’s learned about her own eating habits. We take a look in her fridge, reminisce about my childhood, and swap stories that will make you laugh out loud.


You may have listened to other podcasts about my background, but you’ve never gotten the kind of inside look that this episode will give you—from my favorite snacks as a kid, to what it was like to call girls in high school, to how I became the crazy-jacked track athlete in high school. It’s all here, and it’s all riddled with commentary from the woman who knows me best. She tells it like it is and is unashamedly herself, iced coffee obsession and all.


As always, there’s a ton of great info packed in here too, both common sense and totally nonsensical. Do you know how low-quality fat affects your brain? Did you know you can pull your heart muscle? Or that if you’re short enough, you can get a handicapped placard?


Listen and enjoy!!

- Ryan



1:00 Fruit snacks, cavities, and toast with sugar

7:45 Ryan is thinking about candy bars (If it isn’t in front of you, it can’t tempt you)

10:00 How to pull your heart muscle

12:30 Elite athletes...smoke?

13:15 Nutrition myths that leave lasting impressions

16:30 Want abs like Ryan? If you didn’t start working out out at 13, it’s too late

18:30 The good old days when you had to call a girl at home

20:30 Video Games ruined childhood

27:30 accidental intermittent fasting and macros for dummies

30:30 Sugar is a substitute drug

32:30 Diet fads and why they don’t work

37:00 What’s the secret to longevity?

40:00 Smoke, drink, eat like sh*t—and live to be 100?!

42:00 Ryan explains the effects of stress scientifically

43:30 Fridge clean-out: Ryan’s mom edition

45:45 How food labels trick you

54:00 “Organic” is a lie

55:30 Kim’s got a point: you don’t see recalls on ice cream and candy bars

59:30 “Sensible eating” looks different for everyone

1:00:00 Your brain on low-quality fat, and why it’s harder to be healthy than it used to be (RIP milkmen)

1:05:00 Even wild animals are getting sick

1:06:30 What you need to know about “grass-fed”

1:08:30 Raw milk is a terrible choice (bacon and bear meat are also bad)

1:14:30 Why there’s corn syrup in everything, and no actual maple syrup in maple syrup

1:19:30 Welch’s grape jelly is really just sugar

1:22:00 The wisdom of religion

1:25:00 Food is a business, and companies are putting Mercedes-Benz labels on beater-car products

1:27:00 Don’t keep it to yourself. Spread the word, improve a life.


Show notes:



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