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Dec 20, 2019

Are you getting the results you want in the gym?


Are you going H.A.M. every day but still end up feeling frustrated by your progress?


Today we’re talking to Dr. Lance, our in-house Active Life breath-work specialist. Lance is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an Active Life 1-on-1 coach who has personally used breath-work to overcome his battle with chronic health issues. Now, he’s helping others harness the power of breathing to perform better and get out of pain.


In this episode we discuss the myths behind training intensity needs, how nasal breathing can improve pretty much everything you do and the role your breath plays in getting the most return on your work in the gym.


5:30 – The Myth behind intensity

13:50 – Nasal breathing is your engine

19:20 – Purpose over everything

25:00 – Getting the return on your fitness

32:00 – Fill in your box

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