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Nov 1, 2019

Do you know how much should you back squat if you can deadlift 300 pounds?


What about how much you should front squat if you back squat 200 pounds?


How about this… do you know your 6-rep max strict press on your right arm compared to your left? Or how many 1-arm high pulls you can perform with 33% of your body weight on your right arm compared to your left?


If you are scratching your head wondering why we are even asking these questions, listen up! In this episode we’re talking to Dr. Ryan Summers about how a small bias, repeated over and over, could be the reason you are still getting that annoying [insert body part] pain that hasn’t gone away. Plus, Dr. Ryan gives you his top 6 tests to easily assess your strength-balance right from your own gym. 


About Our Guest:

Dr. Ryan Summers is a Physical Therapist, co-owner if Pure Physio and a staff member at ActiveLife. As a DPT, 1-on-1 Coach and ActiveLife seminar staff member he has worked with hundreds of people to get them out of pain without going to the doctor or missing the gym. 


Minute Breakdown:


7:26 - But my upper trap overactive!

15:40 - How a small miscalculation can lead to pain

22:00 - Why stamina before strength?

34:20 - Balance, not bias -- that’s the goal here

44:48 - The 6 tests to assess your strength-balance


Connect with us:


To work with an Active Life Coach like Dr. Ryan head to:


Find Dr. Ryan at @dr.ryan.summers 

Find Dr. Sean at @DrSeanPastuch


Show notes:


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