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Dec 27, 2019

What’s the importance of squatting?


If you were to ask the Spartans, they would likely say it was essential to getting up off the toilet and that’s about it. Hundreds of years ago, humans didn’t need “organized exercise” and daily training was done by hunting your food or preparing for sport. Thanks to the luxury of grocery stores and modern convenience we now know that supplementing functional life patterns with training is essential for health and longevity.


So, what does this mean for the average gym goer? Well the truth is you’re likely over-training the squat.


In this episode we are talking to ActiveLife coaches Dr. Ray and Larry Gaier about how the squat is commonly overused. We discuss the psychological training patterns and influence of the ego, the misconception of how much strength is truly needed in order to produce power and the movements you should be training (not squatting), if you want to tap into your true potential. 


3:45 – What is the purpose of squatting?

10:00 – Determine the end goal

21:20 – Weaker for what?

28:50 – Squatting for health

33:30 – Meeting clients where they’re at


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