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Nov 30, 2019

Today's show is a lot of fun because we flipped the script and I get interviewed by Drew Dillon and Aaron Jannetti of The Kamiwaza Podcast. I'm sharing this because we cover a lot of new ground in the world of coaching and development. We touched on so many important areas of identity, internal stories, journaling,...

Nov 29, 2019

Have you ever had an employee leave and take over $15,000 of revenue with them? Our guest was THAT employee, but don’t get triggered just yet.


In this episode, we’re talking to 1-on-1 Active Life Coach and personal trainer Larry Gaier. He talks about his decision to leave his job at New York Sport Club and take...

Nov 27, 2019

Alex started lifting weights as soon as he left high school after suffering from bullying. He wanted to build a strong and healthy physique as he weighed a total of 112 lbs. He didn’t want to be the guy being picked on anymore. Alex recalls, “I did not want to be the skinny kid anymore, so I progressed quickly in...

Nov 26, 2019

In this episode we talk about the sport of CrossFit, Christians training, and the ups and downs that come with being an athlete. This episode also happens to have quite a few laughs so buckle up ;)



Show notes:

Nov 23, 2019

Today we have Grant Thomas. He's been through our Enlifted certification and The Strong Coach 90-Day Program as well. He left a startup to start training clients to find out that he had to work a second job just to cover all his bills each month. He had the personal training clients, didn't make enough, also had to work...