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Mar 22, 2019

Aleks Rybchinskiy is a Neurosomatic Therapist with nearly a decade in the field working to heal clients by applying integrative and holistic therapies and methodologies mastered through accelerated completion of the prestigious practitioner programs at CHEK Institute in California, and Neurosomatic Educators Institute  in Clearwater, FL. As a CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Level IV CHEK Practitioner, he combines his expert knowledge of metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms, as well as holistic nutrition and the sociocultural influences on lifestyle to help his clients make positive and permanent changes to their health, weight, and pain symptoms.  He applies the science of mindfulness to access values and determine specific, attainable goals through a comprehensive system of health assessments, and 1-1 counseling.

Aleks splits his time between Austin & Chicago, where he operates his private practice, Fusion Health.  He works with clients from all ages to address weight loss, muscle gain, pain, physiological imbalances, TMJ, frozen shoulder, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, headaches/migraines, visceral massage, cranial alignment, and many more.  He also has a roster of clients all over the country, and is available for services and care outside of the Chicago & Austin area per schedule availability.  Aleks is also a speaker and educator teaching workshops and courses on shoulder rehabilitation, core function, and more to come. He continues to stay active in his sport of beach volleyball where he demonstrates the importance of his professional and personal philosophies on health by improving himself, also, as an athlete. While not neglecting recovery and growth of the body and mind by adding in the practice of yoga, meditation and tai chi. In this episode, Alek dives deep into Coaching and also the real reason people train


Minute Breakdown:


0 - 18 Intro to Alek and how he created his business and developed his clients, while also running a coaching business with his wife. Finding time for romance when you are working with your partner so it’s not all work.  Coaching and the real reason people train versus why they think they train.


18 –29  Alek method of training effectively and how to connect everything in your body so you get results.   Tying workouts to what you are working on mentally and emotionally in your life can support your workouts. Our cultural is trained not to talk about our emotions so people use weights to feel free but they still have the problem.  Alek helps you look at what the problem is so once the workout is done you are not still sitting in your emotions and problems.


29 - 42  Creating schedules for self-care and make lists of core values you need. Qualifying core values.  What do you need to be happy? If you don't’ find things that make you happy then you will be thinking about that when you are coaching people.   Qualify a want and a need.


42 – 50: Looking at your addictions.  People going to their addictions once they feel out of balance.  Replacing addiction with joy. Managing addictions with healthy coping mechanisms.


50 Our body will put things aside until it’s ready to let it out. Giving your body a break when needed.  Looking at belief and are the truth. Beliefs you are running on sometimes aren’t even your truth. The more development you do on yourself you will find that in your coaching or business by attracting those people. Getting firm with who you are. Alek working with people on emotionally level too even when people think it’s the exercise that they needed. Getting down to emotional stress. Listening to your body and letting emotions tress leave.


Show notes:


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