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Apr 27, 2021

Busy Dads 👇👇

2 Steps to Start building a strong, lean, and athletic body you are proud of.

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Your body and brain do not want you to be jacked. Low body fat and large amounts of lean muscle mass is the holy grail of body composition. Unfortunately, your genetics disagree, and this is what makes metabolic function so frustrating. However, there is a magic pill to overcome this, but, before we get there, it’s important to understand why your body is fighting against you. You are hard wired for survival. For millions of years, hunter gatherer societies had limited resources, calories were difficult to find, and your body built mechanisms to store energy (fat). In modern times, food is abundant (grocery stores), insanely easy to find (every corner), and calories are cheap (fast food). However, those survival mechanisms were never turned off. Our bodies still think we need to store food for the cold winter ahead. The overeating and storing energy cycle continues until you are slow, soft, sluggish, 15 pounds overweight, unhappy, and dying to take the deep dive into the Diesel Dad Diet. The magic weapon to overcome your body’s backwards thinking is muscle. Metabolically, muscle is very expensive. To build muscle, you must create an environment in which you break down old muscle tissue and repair it with new, stronger muscle tissue capable of meeting the demands of this new, challenging environment. At its core, this is why lifting weights and getting stronger is so important. By creating an environment that breaks down weak tissue you force your body to adapt, repair, rebuild, and get stronger. That process of adapting, repairing, rebuilding, and getting stronger is like throwing gasoline on the fire that is your metabolism. Calories no longer need to be saved for the future. Fat stores become the fuel to build lean muscle mass. Of course your body doesn’t want you to be jacked. Muscle is expensive. Constantly repairing old, weak cells and replacing them with new, stronger cells is hard. Muscle is the magic pill. Soft, slow, and sluggish has no place in an environment where strong, lean, and athletic are necessary for survival. Muscle is the key to optimizing your metabolism. Muscle is the key to burning body fat. Muscle is the key to eliminating slow, soft, and sluggish. Muscle is the key to strong, lean, and athletic.