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Aug 12, 2020

Food (and life) is all about perspective: having an open mind and an adventurous spirit can take you to wonderful places you’d never experience otherwise.


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From health and nutrition writer, podcast host, and self-proclaimed health nerd...

Aug 10, 2020

In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged:


  1. What is Mobility?
  2. What is Stability?
  3. What is the relationship between mobility and stability?
  4. How do you improve mobility and stability together?
  5. Should you increase your stretching? 
  6. Why is flexibility not the answer to lifting more weight?


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Aug 5, 2020

Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 30 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back-pained people and enhance both injury resilience and performance. His...

Aug 3, 2020

In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged:


What are the similarities and differences in training different sexes?

How does each sex respond to higher and lower volume.

Why women can stay stronger, longer.

Emotional and behavioral qualities of men and women.

Volume and frequency for men and women.

Language and coaching...

Jul 29, 2020

Cody McBroom is the Founder of Tailored Coaching Method, an international coaching company that is built around the idea that every single individual is different and deserves a different plan. Their slogan, "Helping average people understand advanced strategies to achieve above average results.", explains their...