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Aug 28, 2018

Erin Monson is one of my in-house coaches at CHALK in Orange County California. She is an amazing athlete and a true specimen to look at it. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a single person in my life walk by her and not either stare or take a double take. She’s a beautiful woman no doubt and her body is one of a kind. However, beneath the surface is an addiction. Since I have met Erin, she has continually become more and more strict on her eating consumption, workout schedule, sleep schedule, and her availability of free time. To the point where several people have reached out in concern including her family.


Although she admits that this is something that has gone on for years, this is the first time in her life where she willingly admits it and is starting to take the necessary steps to become, “normal.”


In this episode, I have the pleasure of being able to talk to her about her problems for the first time and actually hear her side of everything. The effect it has had on her social life, relationships, family, and her own body. We dive into what orthorexia is and how popular it actually is in our space. As well as fitness addiction and the toll it can take on your body, especially a female.



- Ryan


Show notes:


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