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Jun 14, 2017

“If you are ONLY counting macros, are you really healthy?”

That may seem a loaded question, but this week on the show, we have just the guy to answer it. On today’s show, we chat with Mike Dolce and bust some commonly misguided beliefs around nutrition. 

Mike works with some of the top athletes in MMA world and has been a nutrition coach since before it was popular to post your food on Instagram. He has seen the evolution of the health and fitness industry and cuts through the BS that you may have seen on the internet.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of food quality, the relationship between longevity and performance, and why you should avoid eating pop tarts and ice cream (even if it “fits your macros”)

If you want to step up your nutrition game and pursue your best self, this episode is going to help you dial in the necessary components around nutrition.

Enjoy the show,