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Jul 13, 2020

For a long time, training was the only thing that mattered.

Everything I did in and out of the gym was designed to make me stronger.

Those days do not exist any more.

I am an adult, have kids, and a business to run. 

My life no longer fuels my training. Instead, training fuels my life.

But, that doesn’t mean I do not train hard, have goals, or value training any less.

I still want to be jacked, lean, athletic, and get after it 3-5 times a week.

I still want to be strong, look good, and get my metcon fix.

Now, I just have to be more efficient, effective, and intelligent in how I lift weight.

EMOM Aesthetics is the answer. This is the first program, since I found CrossFit, that has radically shifted my enjoyment and results in the gym.

The program fits my life, builds muscle, creates intensity that mimics metcons without the beatdown, and keeps my strength numbers near lifetime PR’s.


Now, EMOM Aesthetics can be yours.


Barbell Shrugged’s "EMOM Aesthetics Bundle" is the most efficient, effective way to build muscle, stay lean, and athletic without spending 60-90 minutes a day working out.


What you get:


  1. EMOM Aesthetics - 50 High Intensity, Muscle Building EMOM Workouts ($47)
  2. EMOM Aesthetics: Strong 30 - High Volume, High Intensity, Muscle Building ($47)
  3. EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs - Accessory Program Targeting Arms and Abs ($47)
  4. EMOM Aesthetics: Abs and Glutes - Accessory Program Targeting Abs and Glutes ($47)
  5. EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn - Accessory Program to Burn Fat and Increase Metcons ($47)


Two Bonus Personalized Nutrition Resources:


  1. Shredded Nutrition - 12 Module Nutrition Course, Meal Plans, Tracking Sheets, and Recipes to Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle ($147)
  2. OTC: Macronutrient Calculator -  Personalized Macro Calculator to get the body you desire ($97)


Total Retail Value $479 for all 7 Programs.


This week only, get all seven programs for $97, saving you 80% off retail.


Use code “hypertrophy” at checkout save 80%. 


7 Programs for the price of 2 saving you over $382.


The "EMOM Aesthetics Bundle" is the most comprehensive muscle building training methodology for busy people that want to get jacked, stay lean, athletic, and not spend 90 minutes a day in the gym.


  • Effective and Efficient Muscle Building.
  • High Volume, High Intensity Training.
  • Target Arms, Abs, and Glutes 
  • Increase Metcons and Burn Fat.
  • Two Personalized Nutrition Programs.


SAVE 80% TODAY using the code “hypertrophy” at checkout.


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