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Nov 19, 2018

Kai Van Bodhi is a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine, integrating both ancient alchemy and modern neuroscience into a complete and accessible pathway to unlocking human potential. Kai is also is the founder & CEO of Pathway of Power, which helps people to build sustainable health, wealth, relationships, and lasting fulfillment by blending ancient alchemical practices, modern neuroscience, and biohacking.


Holding a masters degree in Oriental Medicine, Kai is an artful teacher of meditation, tai chi, qigong and mind-body exercise. After spending 15 years studying with Masters in the far east, learning the language and becoming an insider in traditions often inaccessible to western students, Kai has been transmitting these ancient technologies infused with modern science to thousands of people in live events, group coaching programs and one-to-one mentorships.


In this episode, we dive into what is adaptability - what it means to adapt in your life and in workouts, why heat and cold exposure can elevate your training, how holding intention while training can help you overcome difficult things in your life, how some people crush it at the gym but suck in relationships and how adaptability at the gym can help this, how emotional patterns are linked to organs, how you can use adaptogen herbs to heal yourself, and much more.





Show notes:


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