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Jul 6, 2020

Top 5 Back Strength Building Exercises:


  1. Conventional Deadlift
  2. Barbell Row
  3. Pull Up/ Chin Up
  4. Seated Cable Row
  5. Lat Pull Down


EMOM Aesthetics Workout For Back Strength and Hypertrophy



A1. Banded Deadlift: 225 pounds + Purple Band x 8

A2. Russian Kettlebell Swings x 20 @53



B1. Banded Barbell Rows: 95# + Red Band x 8

B2. Pull Up x 5


See Full Workout HERE


In today’s episode the crew discusses:


What mechanisms are in play to build muscle?

How do you program for such a large body part?

The differences in horizontal and vertical pulling.

Top exercises for strength.

Best rep ranges for hypertrophy

Our top exercises for growing a strong thick back

And more…


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