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Oct 25, 2019

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 


What if you could reduce your medical visits and HEAL yourself simply by changing your outlook?


This exact thought is what led our guest, Kelly Gores, to produce and direct HEAL the documentary.


This episode discusses how Kelly got started on her journey, questions how well the current healthcare system is truly working and reveals some startling research on how positive thinking and placebo provided better outcomes than medicine alone for cancer patients.


If you or someone you know are fighting an uphill battle against the medical system, you don’t want to miss what Kelly has to say.


Minute Breakdown:


8:40 - Following what lights you up

19:13 - Healthcare or Sickcare? The active v. passive solution

28:52 - Can a health care coach lower your need for a doctor’s visit?

39:00 - Turning your life around by finding the gift in every problem

47:20 - When to “love from a distance” with those who aren’t ready


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For more information on HEAL documentary or to order HEAL the book visit

HEAL documentary is available on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo & Netflix


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@healdocumentary on IG, Twitter, FB

@kellygores on IG & @kellyngores on Twitter & FB


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Show notes:


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