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Nov 29, 2018

Milam Byers goes deep with us this week on Feed Me Fuel Me.

The lead guitarist of the band Bleach shares his experience with reforming his identity after the band broke up. How do you stay positive. How do you remain present for your family, your wife, your kids, after everything you’ve ever known is over and done with?

Compound your identity crisis with the loss of your brother on the battlefield of the war in Afghanistan, and you have a lot to process very quickly. Only through the expression of vulnerability, and the humility of voicing everything he kept inside, was Milam able to overcome the end of and old life, and loss of a loved one.

Now he has shifted gears and made it his life’s mission to empower those that have less. Driving the mission of Food for the Hungry  and Striking Out Poverty, Milam is connecting athletes with a passion for change with communities that struggle in the third world.

In Milam’s words, “No one ever got upset because they gave too much.” Enjoy Milam’s journey and thanks for joining us for this week’s episode!


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