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Dec 27, 2018

Closing out 2018 on the highest of highs! Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Derz (@coachderz) are moving full steam ahead with Feed Me Fuel Me TV. Our time with the Shrugged Collective (@shruggedcollective) has come to an end. We've learned a ton of lessons and have created a space that is open for collaboration in the future. Don't be surprised if you catch us making cameos on the Collective in the future.


It would be a massive understatement to say that 2018 was enlightening. We made some extremely genuine relationships and had some of the deepest and dopest conversations ever! We broke the mold with topics on masculinity, vulnerability, embracing your story, and living a legacy worth leaving. We interviewed intuitive clairvoyants, life coaches, business consultants, professional athletes, fit pros, doctors, entrepreneurs, and people from so many epic walks of life. The common denominator is the willingness to be authentic and vulnerably deliver their stories in a way that struck massive chords with you, our tribe, our listeners.


This week, we reflect on the year that was: lessons learned and empowering moments. Huge thanks to The Shrugged Collective and sharing in this great journey of ours. We're forever grateful for the solid friendships we've created with them.


Moving into 2019, you can catch us on all things Feed Me Fuel Me. Keep up with us and the exciting people we connect with on our youtube channel and


We look forward to empowering your journey with so much more content as we cruise into the new year. Stay tuned for what's next in 2019!!


- Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)


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