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Feb 25, 2019

Thane Marcus has spent the past four years deep diving into personal development. Although the object of that development was the arena of professional golf, the subject of that development was himself. During Thane’s golf career, he left no stone unturned in regards to maximizing his human potential. This ceaseless striving has given him a strong grasp of the process involved in producing his best work, whether that be within an office, sweating in the gym, or for the business he’s creating.


The main service that Thane is providing is what he calls Collaboration — Development and Performance Coaching (a combination of Coaching, Consulting, and Creating).


Along with these services, Thane is committed to providing consistent and thought-provoking content through written blog-posts each month, and through the content he produces on The Up & Comers Show. He says that this is as much selfish as it is selfless - since writing is an exercise which gives him more life than he can share with others in return. From the podcast he co-hosts, to the events he speaks at, to the blogs he writes, and the books he authors, Thane is blessed to be able to learn through many different forms of communication that each facilitate different neurological connections. His goal is for this content to stimulate greater thought, contemplation, and growth in the lives of all who read or listen.


In this episode we talk about Thane’s background, how we can learn how to learn, why we settle and how to prevent it, the lack of discipline in modern society, the 3 step process to self awareness, picking a path and sticking to it, the virus called complaining, the 7-10 years it takes to get to mastery, and much more!


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Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: Thane’s Background, the human tendency to fantasizing about the good while forgetting the bad, and how we can learn how to learn (hint: failure is a large part of it)

⚡️11-20: Why we settle and how to prevent it, the power of intention, and modern societies lack of discipline

⚡️21-30: Building your environment to support the lifestyle you want to live, the cycle of expending and accumulating energy, and if you can't self observe than you can’t self correct

⚡️31-40: Simple does not mean easy, #adulting, the 3 step process to self awareness, and priming vs. planning

⚡️ 41-50: Creating alignment in your life, reality is always different than your expectations, and how daily resets can put your ego in check  

⚡️51-60: The need for society to refocus on raising kids, there is no limit for better, pick a path and commit to it, and the virus called complaining

⚡️61-75: Everything in the world is related, it takes 7-10 years of work to get to mastery, burn the boat, and how more information is creating more fear



Show notes:


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