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Apr 11, 2019

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a speaker, educator and sex therapist for men, women and couples. She's a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Beverly Hills where she specializes in treatment of sexual disorders; sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups; sexual trauma and abuse; and compulsive behaviors surrounding love, romance, and sex.


What does a sex therapist do? What are the major challenges a sex therapist sees in their clients? How do you bring up sensitive topics around sex and relationships with your partner? What’s a vaginal barbell? These are just a few of the spicy questions Ashleigh gets to ask Beverly Hills sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez. This is an open, funny, and deep conversation about sex, relationships, and pleasure and how it all relates back to your overall health.


Show Overview:  


0 – What does a sex therapist do? How did Dr. Chavez get into the profession? What is the process for a prospective client in working with a sex therapist?

25 – Some of the most common issues she sees with her clients, alone and in couples, including lack of desire, opening relationships, sex after having a baby, women who have never had an orgasm, and porn addiction, just to name a few!


30 – Defining some terms like “ethical non-monogamy” and “monogamish”, and how to define your own terms in a relationship rather than ones that are set for you by others


38 – Understanding compatibility and the differences between personality compatibility and sexual compatibility; do partners have to have similar tastes, interests, personalities?  


42 – How to navigate exploring or introducing a new sex idea with your partner


49 – Labeling your relationship or your sexuality: when it’s good, when it’s problematic  


54 – Dr. Chavez discusses her own experiences with endometriosis, a serious autoimmune issue that can effect sexual health  


1:12 – A discussion of gender stereotypes and cultural rules; how we can deprogram destructive messaging around men and women and their bodies, shame, and sexuality. How sex health relates to overall health


1:15 – Tools, toys, books, and other resources she recommends



Show notes:



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