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Nov 8, 2017

Marisa Inda is the current All-Time All Record Powerlifting Champion at 114 lb (all ages, all divisions)!

Her best powerlifting meet numbers are:

Squat 330 lb. | Bench 209 lb. | Deadlift 413 lb. etc.

Marisa was doing hypertrophy training for 15 years before she stumbled upon a flyer for a powerlifting meet. Without thinking too much, she signed up and competed. She didn’t know the full rules and didn’t even have the legit belt for her first meet. Only afterward her first meet did she start properly eating and training for powerlifting.

Marisa incorporates bodybuilding exercises, such as drop sets and partial rep ranges, into her training by adding it at the end of her powerlifting workouts. She likes to maintain a well-rounded, strong physique and finds these exercises beneficial for her powerlifting lifts.

She's a world record holder in the total (all 3 lifts combined) and has much to teach you about how to be very, very strong!


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