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Jun 25, 2019

Travis Kennedy is a 13 year Navy SEAL veteran. After becoming a member of my gym, CHALK, just a few months, I’ve always had so many questions I wanted to ask. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to be a Navy SEAL at one point in their life? And when you meet one, I feel like you just want to ask them everything! So that’s what this show is about. 


It’s a little bit of everything from an internally super excited child version of myself, but also with a take away message of how to take that Navy SEAL mindset and incorporate it into your everyday life. If we all had just a little more of that mentality each day, so many people wouldn’t have to be searching Instagram for motivation daily. They would be their own source of motivation. They would be more confident, more assertive, more structured... And the list really goes on and on... But the show doesn’t just stop there, we also hit on some the scariest and some best times of his career as well as what gets him excited in civilian life.


 I think everyone is really going to benefit from this one! I’m super excited for everyone to listen to it!


Show notes:


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