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Dec 20, 2017

Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT and Anders Varner are co-creators of of The Low Back Fix and The Knee Fix. They have taught movement principles to thousands of trainers and health practitioners on 4 continents, and have coached and treated over 100 CrossFit Regionals, WWE, NFL, and MLB athletes.

Dr. Theresa Larson is also the founder of Movement Rx, a physical therapy and wellness company that offers support to wounded warriors and individuals with health and movement issues. She travels all over the world as a speaker for MobilityWOD and the CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer Course.

Anders Varner is also owner of Anders Varner Training located in San Diego, CA. A four- time CrossFit regional competitor and member of John Cena’s “One Ton Club,” Anders has trained with and coached high level athletes from the worlds of the NFL, WWE, and CrossFit.
Our knees are the biggest joints in our bodies, and they are super important because they provide stability. Knee pain and injuries are usually a result of bad habits associated with foot, ankle and hip movement.

In this episode, we cover knee problem symptoms, such as sciatica, knee clicking, behind the knee pain, knee overextension, toe dominance, and more, and tips on how to have healthy, long lasting joints.



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