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Mar 20, 2019

Gabby Reece (@gabbyreece) the Co Creator of XPT, world renowned athlete, New York Times bestselling author, wife, mother.  At 6’ 3” the former professional beach volleyball player and Nike's first female spokeswoman, Gabrielle Reece, is the true definition of both athleticism and feminine beauty. Gabby’s commanding presence, passion for healthy living, and fitness expertise makes her a popular leader in the world of health and wellness. Gabrielle Reece has recently been named host of NBC’s upcoming transformation competition series “STRONG”airing in April of 2016. From executive producer Dave Broome (“The Biggest Loser”) and Oscar-nominated iconic film star Sylvester Stallone, the 10-episode series “STRONG” matches everyday women with the world’s most elite trainers to help realize their natural greatness and conquer obstacles that were once unfathomable.


In this episode we talk with Gabby about what it’s like being married to Laird, the challenges of raising a family,  the current transition Gabby is going through, why getting hit by a lightning bolt is a necessary part of life, the universal struggles of relationships, how the glitches and bumps of childhood become our super power in adult life, the number one obstacle kids are facing,  the hormonal response of immersing yourself in cold water, and much more.


- Anders and Doug


Episode Breakdown


⚡️0-10: What it’s like raising a family with Laird and the current transition Gabby is going through

⚡️11-20: What you don’t learn about when you’re young and what you have to go through to make a relationship work

⚡️21-30: Being responsible for you and why getting hit by a lightning bolt is a necessary part of life

⚡️31-40: The liberating feeling of just being human and not pretending to make others feel good

⚡️ 41-50: The universal struggles of relationships and why the dynamics of a relationship needs tending to

⚡️51-60: Be willing to be wrong, the number one obstacle kids are facing, and the new culture of technology

⚡️61-70: The broken school system and how the glitches and bumps of childhood become our super power in adult life

⚡️71-80: XPT, how ice can be an incredible tool to de-stress, and Gabby bragging about Anders

⚡️81-90: Hardwork is a distraction, how filling time with information is a way to push out the hard parts of life, and the need to sit in your pain

⚡️91-100: What excites Jen about coaching, how the pool pushes you to a new level, and the new thing Anders has added to his training

⚡️101-110: The benefits of detoxing, pairing ice and heat, and the hormonal response of immersing yourself in cold water

⚡️111-121:  Creating alignment in life, recognizing others, and why your life will be better if you’re kind to other people



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