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Jul 31, 2019

John Swanson is the founder and CEO of The Granite Games, owner of Fast Factory Fitness, and owner of Factory Forged.

 The goal of The Granite Games is to create a platform that allows all levels and ages to chase their athletic dreams. Our event gives athletes of every skill level the opportunity to compete and have their own professional athlete experience. Each element of this experience is carefully crafted to create a lasting impression. Everything from the athlete’s personalized name tag to the design of the competition floor all play a critical role in this experience.

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged, the crew catches John Swanson weeks before the sale of the Granite Games to Loud and Live. Swanson is not only the CEO of the Granite Games but the owner of Fast Factory, a gym in St Cloud, MN and Factory Forged, and online gym consulting business for CrossFit affiliate owners.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – How to Run a Competition the Size of the Granite Games on a 9 months schedule.

11-20 – Coaches walking the walk before coaching others

21-30 – Why you should not sell memberships based on athletes using the facility

31-40 - Did you ever think about ending the Granite Games

41 -50 - Creating a long term solution for the Granite Games

51 -60 - Creating sanctions with major events throughout the year 

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One Ton Challenge Weekend

August 1st - 4th

Find your 1rm in the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, dead, bench. 

Add them up to find your One Ton Total. 

The goal is 2,000 pounds for men and 1,200 for women. 

4 days. 6 lifts. 1 goal. 1 Ton.

“What is the One Ton Challenge”

“How Strong is Strong Enough”

“How do I Start the One Ton Challenge”