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Oct 7, 2019

In today’s show, Jason sits down with 1stPhorm president, Sal Frisella, to take a crash course in customer service. Prior to today’s episode, Sal and the 1stPhormteam held a 5k event in St. Louis to honor a fallen police officer. That event in and of itself is a testament to the great work happening at 1stPhorm. Sal believes in leading by example and creating unparalleled culture. While discussing the evolution of 1stPhorm, listeners can track key decisions that lead the company’s to its success today. With over 10,000 representatives, a 110% money-back guarantee, and providing an environment for success, 1stPhorm is outlining what it truly means to be in the people business.


Sal Frisella has led an impressive career both on the field as an athlete as well as in the office as a businessman. Over the last 14 years, Sal has made it his mission to beome a cornerstone of every organization he has been a part of. From playing baseball at SIU and the St. Louis Cardinals, to becoming the top sales producer at IKON, Johnson & Johnson, and 1stPhorm; Sal has cultivated the leadership skills necessary to lead others to both professional and personal success.


Currently, Sal Frisella serves as the President of Operations at 1stPhorm International, a 100+ million dollar direct to consumer supplement business based out of St. Louis. He has held his role of President since 2015 and plays a key role in planning the company’s future, innovating new sales growth strategies and cultivating new leaders within the company. Through his ability to produce top quality talent, he has helped 1stPhorm grow over 500% in the last 3 years to become one of the most recognized brands in the fitness industry. He has led huge brand initiatives to involve the entire customer base of the brand in countless charities and community organizations that give back to those in need. 


Outside of his professional career, Sal is a husband, a father of three children, an Ironman, and a leader in his local community.


Minute Breakdown:

0 –10: The evolution of 1st Phorm and changing lives

10 –20: Creating connection through social media and marketing

20 –30: How to work less, make more, and make leaders

30 –40: Cultivating culture in the digital age


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