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Nov 8, 2019

Mental toughness… it’s a hot topic right now. In the CrossFit space we see mental toughness as crawling through a lengthy workout or holding on to the bar for a few more reps. In sports we see athletes getting on the field days after injury and pushing through the pain. In our daily lives, we may boast about working 80 hours a week or never taking vacation days.


These scenarios are many times, what our society defines a being tough; sucking it up and putting your head down to do work or just “grinding another day”.


Of course there is time to do work but is this type of “work” truly the mark of the toughest individuals?


On this week’s episode we’re challenging traditional perceptions of mental toughness. Dr. Sean puts you in the guest seat as he takes you through a visualization exercise on mental toughness, plus he shares his own ego struggles about the time he worked out with Rich Froning for a week that you don’t want to miss!


Show Notes:


3:39 -  A visualization exercise

9:12 -  What would you do if you got this text?

13:46 - The mindset of difficult decision making

17:30 - A story of mental toughness

22:20 - Dr. Sean works out with Rich Froning

27:11 - When is it time to tap out?

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Show notes:


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