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Apr 28, 2021

Whether it’s calling in an air strike, dropping into the middle of a firefight to save a life, or operating as a one-man air traffic control tower in the middle of nowhere, those who make up the Air Force’s elite Special Warfare team are some of the best trained Airmen on the planet. And on the next Barbell Shrugged podcast Anders Verner speaks to Tech Sergeant William Johnson who serves as a Combat Controller and Tech Sergeant Taylor Swartz who trains these specialists how to survive any situation and in any environment from dessert to the arctic. Special Warfare operators are who other military branches call when a mission demands their expertise. And boy do they have stories to tell. So, don’t miss the next Barbell Shrugged podcast available at And to learn more about Special Warfare, visit at


In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged:


  1. How USAF Special Warfare help every special operations group
  2. Specific roles in search and rescue
  3. Training for survival in bad situations
  4. Why mental health is a game changer for USAF training
  5. Why the best special operators choose the USAF


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