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Jan 15, 2019

Wade and Matt started their company after enzymes radically changed their lives. They knew the knowledge they were paying $1500 a month to obtain was too great to keep to themselves, so they found a way to spread it to the masses. The result is BiOptimizers: scientifically-backed enzyme supplements that flip the conventional understanding of "health" upside down.


We sit down to talk about our eating styles, our histories in the health and fitness sphere, a lot of nerdy sh*t about how enzymes work and your gut probably doesn’t, why so many people have adverse reactions to gluten and lactose, and how to eat a dozen Sidecar doughnuts in a sitting without dying. You might think you know some stuff about gut health, but these guys are here to break it down (pun intended) for you in ways that are easy to understand and a blast to listen to. Enjoy the ride!


1:00 🍩 What is an enzyme, and what does it do

2:45 🍩 Canola oil and heroin in the same sentence

5:00 🍩 Why the energy we ingest isn’t immediately accessible

7:20 🍩 Amino acids and the recovery process

9:15 🍩 100 grams of protein is...too much?

10:00 🍩 Ryan’s childhood diet staples

12:00 🍩 Wade’s story: Mr. Olympia to Mr. Marshmallow

16:30 🍩Why you need supplements to be your healthiest

17:20 🍩 Hydrochloric acid matters

20:20 🍩 The real advantage of intermittent fasting

21:30 🍩 Your commercial probiotic is a scam

27:30 🍩Milk really IS a bad choice

29:30 🍩 Gluten is a baseball, no wonder your body can’t digest it

31:15 🍩 Cronuts will change your life, and other fun donut facts

33:30 🍩 How to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, sort of

37:00 🍩 The most bang for your 1500 bucks: how BiOptimizers got started

38:30 🍩 How much protein do you really absorb from powder?

40:40 🍩 Things you didn’t want to know about “USDA certified organic” and gastrointestinal disease, and things you really do want to know about conditions enzymes can reverse

41:45 🍩 How CrossFit ruined women

44:00 🍩 Poop and your microbiome

48:00 🍩 Charles Poliquin, ethnicity and food responses, and epigenetics

51:50 🍩 What your blood work says about your diet

56:15 🍩 The alcohol hack you shouldn’t know

58:00 🍩 Did you know enzymes warp time?

58:50 🍩 The Batman enema (yep, you read that right)

1:01:20 🍩 Three things to do for better performance

1:02:30 🍩 Why a boring diet is the best diet

1:06:30 🍩 Discount code! And some guarantees. Because this stuff is legit.

1:08:00 🍩 Health is a spectrum. Don’t be dead.


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