Barbell Shrugged - Talking Training w/ CrossFit Games Athletes, Strength Coaches & More

Habit formation expert and olympic weightlifter James Clear joins Doug for this episode of the BS Interrogation Series to discuss forming habits that stick.

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We traveled to Westside Barbell in Columbus Ohio, the mecca of powerlifting, to talk with Louie Simmons about getting strong for CrossFit and Weightlifting.

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EP3 w/ Jacob Tsypkin

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On this episode of Barbell Shrugged we interview CJ Martin on how he prepared his athletes to get to the CrossFit Games. CJ coaches many games level athletes including: Josh Bridges, Aja Barto, and Michelle Kinney.

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On this episode of the Barbell Shrugged podcast we got a chance to sit down with the reigning 2nd fittest woman on the planet Julie Foucher.  We ask her about her training during her year off from CrossFit competition, and how she balances Med School with training.

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Are you wondering how you can adjust your diet to fuel performance and hit PR's?  Eating paleo is a great start, but to learn how to take your performance to the next level we interviewed Paul Nobles from Eat To Perform.  Paul shares his knowledge and experience with performance nutrition from how he structures his meals, and how you can figure out if you're eating enough.  You'll learn about the Eat To Perform calculator and the importance of knowing how much calories you're currently taking in (as it relates to performance).

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