Barbell Shrugged - Talking Training w/ CrossFit Games Athletes, Strength Coaches & More

One thing that separates CrossFit from most other training systems is the fact that you are required to develop proficiency in a wide range of fitness modalities- weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, etc

The MMA game is very similar and unlike boxing, wrestling, or any specific martial arts, fighters are required to be generalists in all the systems. There are a lot of variables, and when it comes to coaching, that makes things a lot more challenging. 

In this week’s show, we linked up with wrestling coach, Darryl Christian at RVCA headquarters to chat about how he is working with some of the top MMA fighters in the game like Dominick Cruz. We talk program design and get into the details of what he looks into when working with some of the top fighters. 

If you are a fighter, a CrossFitter, or anyone who is looking to get more strategic in your training, there is a lot to take away from this episode. We dive into topics such as

  • How to measure training volume
  • When and why to focus on recovery vs high volume training weeks
  • How to strategically train for strengths and weaknesses in multi fascinated sports (like CrossFit and MMA)
  • How to work with and communicate with multiple coaches at the same time

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It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have iPhones in our pockets, let alone access to the world’s information at the click of a button. Back in the day, coaches and athletes had to figure shit out on their own. 

Nowadays, the fitness industry is growing faster than ever, and with that comes new innovations and knowledge around training. That is mainly due to the fact that coaches and athletes are communicating and sharing their experience more and more. 

We wanted to hear from one of the top coaches in the game on this topic, so we headed over to Bonsall, CA to visit Mike Burgener. Coach B has watched this evolution occur and has been apart of some of the biggest evolutions in the sport of weightlifting and strength training. 

In this episode, Coach B shares his insights into the fitness industry as it is today, and tells stories of what it was like in the beginning. We talk about why most athletes who want to go from pretty good to competitive need to start focusing on training their weaknesses. Mike shares tactics and his philosophy around getting strong, the coaches that he works with, and how he gets his athletes to the next level.

If you want to learn how to break through your plateau’s and start understanding how to train your weaknesses, you need to drop in for this one.

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We all see the cool shit on Instagram- the handstands, the backflips, the one handed balance thing on the fire hydrant, but want is not often highlighted on the social media is the process it takes to get to that skill level.

In this week’s show, we brought back Max Shank to talk about how you can incorporate more movement development into your training. Max has been on the show before and we recently recorded an episode with him talking about healthy shoulders. You can find that episode here.

This time around, we visited Max at his backyard gym to talk about what is often referred to as flow and how incorporating a movement practice into your daily routine can help you prep your body for hard training session later on. 

Whether you are interested in pursuing higher skill level movements like acrobatics and hand balancing, or just looking to start your day with a routine that will prime your body to get shit done in the gym, this episode will get you on the right path to start pursuing more higher level movement awareness. The cool thing is, all you need is 5 minutes a day to get started, but first get your listen on with this episode.

We also highly recommend you check out Max's 5 Minute Flow guide and instructional videos to help you decrease pain, stiffness and physical and mental stress. Go to to learn more. Use the code "barbell" (all lower case) to save 20% on 5 Minute Flow.

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"alignment is about balancing the motion with the chemistry. you can't fix your mechanics if your chemistry is off"

In Fitness, we talk about mobility, a lot. We talk about performance a lot, and we talk about exercise technique, a lot. But what is often left out is what is going on the rest of the day.
It turns out, how we move when we are not in the gym (which is most of the time) effects how we move (and secondarily, how we perform) in the gym.
No matter how active you are or how much you pay attention to your technique, you are going to have incompetencies and inbalances. One of the goals of an effective and intelligent training program is to uncover and seek out those imbalances and fix them. 
In this week's episode, we visit the Human Garage in Venice Ca. Just like it sounds, the human garage is an (underground) body work clinic. The thing is, this place is not like any massage studio or chiropractic office you have been too. It is much more. 
We talked to the owner/founder Gary about what is going on at the Human Garage and what they are doing to help their cliental, which include, professional athletes, Superhero movie stunt men, and the adrenaline junkies of the world, move better.
We discuss, what you can be doing to figure out imbalances in your movement patters, how to develop your posture, and how you can work towards having more awareness in your body for better performance, and health.
If you are ready to upgrade your movement practice, this episode is for you. 
Enjoy the show,
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