Barbell Shrugged - Talking Training w/ CrossFit Games Athletes, Strength Coaches & More

This week we’re back with the crew and have a fun episode to share with you. 

We had Kenny Kane and Andy Galpin join us at our local outdoor training spot in Encinitas. We wanted to bring Kenny on to talk about his ideas on coaching and this concept we all have heard about called mastery. Kenny has been in the coaching game for as long as CrossFit has been around, and started CrossFit Los Angeles in 2004. He has worked with 1000s of athletes and now is most passionate about working on helping coaches get better at coaching. 
Kenny shares with us the evolution of his coaching experience and dives into concepts such as how he sets up his programming at CFLA and how to plan out specific styles of training days, to some deeper ideas like "the difference between doing athletic things and being an athlete, and how to find purpose in your training. 
Give this show a listen to hear our thoughts on the topic. Then I want hear what this means to you. 
You might reach enlightenment, or just get a few laughs and some new knowledge at the least.
Maybe this will motivate you to choose something a little more specific, put a deadline on it, so it will get your @$$ in gear.
If you’re feeling bored with your current program, tired of training without purpose, and want to have a blast working toward a common goal with a bunch of other super motivated people, come join us and see what is possible.

This week, the doors open for the Muscle Gain Challenge.

We built this program for those who want to get stronger, build more muscle, and lift heavy. We are now accepting new athletes into the program.

If you want to add some serious muscle mass, get stronger and boost your confidence with heavy barbells, then we are looking forward to having you in our program!

To learn more and register, head over to

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How do you get big? That is the million dollar question. Everyone in the fitness industry seems to have a different answer for you, and they all claim to have the secret sauce. Take this supplement. Use this rep scheme. Drink this before you go to sleep. It goes on and on.

We wanted to see what science has to say about this, and invited Andy Galpin on to this week's show along with Kenny Kane to talk about the science of getting big. We go deep into understanding what our bodies need to put on muscle, and how we can shift our training focus on this adaption goal.
In the show, Andy outlines the three mechanisms of hypertrophy. Can you guess what they are? 
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Jacked up shoulders holding you back? New's flash, you are not the only one. It turns out that shoulder pain and injuries are some of the most common of all dysfunctions for active individuals.

Just like most things we have come to learn and share with ya'll is that this is most likely a result of faulty movement patterns. You can go as hard as you want, and lift heavy things for days ..but the flip-side of that is that you have to take the time to focus on your movement. Believe it or not, it is also a good idea to take care of your joints with the same amount of focus you put into your WOD's ...a few minutes rolling around on a lacrosse ball ain't going to cut it. 
So knowing that, we headed over to Ambition Athletics to interview one of our good friends, Max Shank. We chatted it up about movement, kettlebell training, and a bunch of other cool shit he is doing in his gym, and around the world with his workshops. 
More importantly, we talked about the shoulder, how it operates, and how we can take care of it so we can go hard and still feel healthy and strong. 
If you find this episode useful, Max has put together a resource for the Shrugged fam on taking care of your shoulders. You can find it at
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It's officially 2017 and many of you are setting goals for the upcoming journey around the sun. Whether your goals are fitness oriented or have to do with your relationships, we encourage you to take action on them. We also think that you will get some useful take aways from this week's episode with Doctor Kirk Parsley when it comes to your 2017 intentions. 

This week we had Doc Parsley come by to talk to us about the importance of sleep. You might be asking yourself, what sleep has to do with your new year's resolution? Well it turns out sleep has everything to do with most developments in our life. Everything from physical adaption, to skill acquisition, to emotional development (i.e. relationships) happen during your sleep cycle. Shitty sleep equals shitty performance gains, mood, sex life, and anything else you want to get good at. 
Doc Parsley works with some of the top performers in the world ranging from Navy Seals, CEO's, and Professional athletes, however you don't need to be in the NFL or lead a company to get some gains from this episode. 
If you want to learn more about Doc P's work and his sleep product, you can find it here
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