Barbell Shrugged - Talking Training w/ CrossFit Games Athletes, Strength Coaches & More
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Rich Froning and James Hobart talk training, fatherhood, and poop.

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Why your mobility is not improving and what you can do about it.

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172- A Comeback Story w/ Maurice Clarett

Maurice Clarett is a former American football running back. During his freshman year at Ohio State University in 2002, he helped lead the Buckeyes to a national championship. In a widely unexpected move, Clarett was drafted on the first day of the 2005 NFL Draft with the final pick of the 3rd round (#101 overall) by the Denver Broncos. He is well known for unsuccessfully challenging the NFL's draft eligibility rulesrequiring a player to be three years removed from high school and for his tumultuous life outside of football, including his dismissal from Ohio State, several arrests, and later, imprisonment.

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171- "How You Feel Is A Lie" w/ John Broz
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