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Jul 26, 2018

It has been said, "the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step." Our guest this week, Beau Ash, has taken many first steps as his life has unfolded into the chapters of his story.

Beau went through a journey of acceptance and self-love. One of the hardest concepts to grasp as we move through life, is the idea that with loss, comes growth. For a great deal of Beau's life, so many of the negative interactions he has experienced were the result of the projections he was putting out into the universe. However, in the wake of loss, he would discover that he indeed stood to grow the most.

Beau took a 4,100 mile road trip that manifested in deep reflection. He has gone to work on himself, answered a lot of hard questions, and faced a lot of conflicting truths. Once Beau began his deep dive into self, he discovered that his capacity to serve the world was extremely limited, and the self-work is never-ending.

However, Beau has come to a place where he values his time alone. He understands that in order to protect his energy, he must be in tune with who he spends time with, and what activities he spends that energy on. Beau has become a practitioner of his word.

In this episode, we discover all the elements that lead Beau from a polarizing rebel of authority, to a CrossFit athlete, to Yogi, to a man without any of those labels, walking a path of strength and peace. The freedom of thought achieved through years of introspection and reflection is apparent as he sets out to debut his podcast, "Whatever I Want", and a support group that redefines masculinity for men that are high performers, or want to be, but are inhibited because they stand in their own way.



- Jeff and Mycal


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