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Jul 26, 2019

Larry Gaier is a personal trainer who was standout intern at Active Life HQ (when there was an Active Life HQ). He is the best communicator on staff at Active Life and his intensity of capacity for empathy is the reason why he gets assigned the clients he does. 


In this episode, Dr. Sean and Active Life 1 on 1 staff member, Larry Gaier discuss a client who had some physical pain that was extremely fear based. If you have ever heard “it’s in your head” and thought that this suggestion was offensive, you need to listen to this episode. Any time that a coach tells a client or a doctor tells a patient “it’s in your head” when you know you can feel it in your body, it’s frustrating to hear. In this episode we talk about how they’re directly related, and how it should be communicated. 


Minute Breakdown:


0-10 - There was more fear than pain.

11-20 - When you change your physiology you will change your habits.

21-30 - What is an athlete?

31-40 - Communication is the key.

41-50 - Setting boundaries with your coach or client. 

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